BLY5 Upgrade completion: Oct., 25th, 2013



 After so many efforts on keeping providing high quality product and service to our clients in past few years, BETA has noticed that the different usages from different countries. This is the origin of our upgrading project. At the first stage of this project, we aim at our most popular series and they are also purchased by our major clients, BMY5, BLY5, BTA6.


Through several discussions with local UL in the past few months, we finally have some good feedbacks.


BLY5 upgraded UL file is released by local UL officially on Oct., 25th, 2013.

The major advantages of our upgraded BLY5 are as below.


Highlight 1.:

l  In our previous version, we only offer contact rating with 10amp for whole BLY5 series. Now, with the upgrade, we can provide the more contact rating as choices, 20amp for 1C & 2C items, 15amps for 3C & 4C items.

l  With this update, our clients would have more choices on spec and easier to find a proper one to meet their end application.


Highlight 2.:


l  We make some progress on the updated items and it makes our stated resistive rating from 28VDC, 240 VAC to 28VDC, 277VAC. With this update, it is easier to promote in USA or Europe market.


See more clear information about the rating in below photo.

Now, the upgraded BLY5 is available. If you are interested in the new spec, please write to us freely to gain more details you need. 





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